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The food business in the United Arab Emirates has flourished for many years. To take advantage of this opportunity, astute businessmen have chosen a cloud kitchen Dubai license.

Moving to a delivery model is becoming more viable for food company owners because of the high leasing costs, changing client patterns, and limited profit margins of a typical restaurant.

Is it easy to acquire your cloud kitchen in Dubai? Let’s have a look at further details.

1. What is a Cloud Kitchen?

A cloud kitchen is a commercial facility used exclusively for the production of meals intended for delivery. It doesn’t offer a dine-in service and they accept orders on its website, online app, or telephone numbers.

2. How you can set up a Cloud Kitchen in Dubai?

To get your cloud kitchen business off to a flying start, follow these suggestions:

a) Set a Business Plan

Before starting a business, put together a detailed business plan including all of your needs and goals for the brand. The name of your brand, the amount of money you want to spend, the obligations of any partners, and the results of your market research, cloud kitchen Dubai rent, and branding all go under this category.

Do not rush this part of your setup; it will come in handy later on, particularly during the actual integration process.

b) Obtain Cloud Kitchen Dubai License

All businesses must have a license to begin and function legally. As a result, obtaining permits from the Department of Economic Development (DED) and other government agencies is a need before launching a cloud kitchen in Dubai. This license should be obtained:

c) License of Trade

You should take the cloud kitchen license from the department responsible for issuing trade permits in Dubai Economy. Furthermore, you must take care of other issues, such as securing a trading name, compiling all the necessary paperwork, and so on.

The Dubai Municipality’s Food Safety Department is in charge of issuing Food Licenses in Dubai. After obtaining a business license, you’ll need to apply for a food license.

Additional permits and certificates are required in addition to your trade license to operate a cloud kitchen in Dubai.

d) Food License

The Dubai Food Safety Department is the recipient of this component of the application. The application process will be inquired to interpret the space of your kitchen. Food storage rooms, food processing equipment, and washing equipment are all included in the floor layout with well-indicated entry/exit points and windows/ventilation.

This is the last requirement for any food-related company in the United Arab Emirates. Food preparation, storage, and cleaning facilities are all included in this category.

3. Cloud Kitchen License Cost

The cost of opening and operating a cloud kitchen in Dubai will depend on many factors. In Dubai, there is a slew of variables that will affect the cost of starting and running a cloud kitchen. Particularly noteworthy are the building’s dimensions, cloud kitchen Dubai rent, and location.

For a personalized breakdown of the cost involved in starting your cloud kitchen business in the UAE, talk to our expert Business Setup Consultants.

4. Get Your Cloud Kitchen Dubai License

The procedure of setting up a Dubai mainland account is quick and simple. Bring your paperwork to one of the designated service locations and pay the cloud kitchen Dubai cost.

5. Finalize Your Company’s Requirements

After obtaining a cloud kitchen license, you may immediately complete your company formation by obtaining the PRO services. You might need visas for yourself and your family, as well as operating space if necessary; financial services and bank accounts; a website; mobile apps; digital marketing; as well as the registration of a trademark.

Final Thought

In a nutshell, cloud kitchen Dubai is a growing business in UAE that offers good earning opportunities. To get your cloud kitchen Dubai license, feel free to contact us at +971-58-258-3505 or via email at One of our representatives will get back to you to help with any of your queries and concerns.

Calculate your business setup costs in 1 minute with our easy-to-use COST CALCULATOR.

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