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Are you setting up your business in Dubai? Is your mind all over the place, contemplating the
endless hassle and the herculean task of documentations, legal procedures, government
documents, and other numerous paperwork that are involved in setting up your business in
Dubai? Business set up consultants in Dubai are here to free you from all those huddles and
help you focus entirely on building your business, rather than setting it up. We are well
renowned in Dubai’s dynamic market for offering seamless corporate PRO services for top-
performing businesses here!
In a nutshell, Our corporate PRO services take care of all your documentation. We work hand in
hand with you when it comes to maneuvering your business through the legal procedures laid
out by the Department of Economic Development (DED). This includes helping you with license
renewals, visas, labor contracts, and helping with requirements from the immigration

Services At Business Set Up Consultants

Company and branch formation
● Resident and employee visa
● Labor and immigration cards
● Emirate ID card
● Family visas
● Visa cancellations
● Document attestation
● Mail collection
● Passport clearance
● Trademark and copyright
● Approval and renewal of trade license
● Regulatory approvals and NOC letters
● Notarization of legal documents
● Offshore & security passes (CICPA)
● Annual license renewals and updates
● Opening a corporate bank account


It is mandatory for your business to have a trade license issued by the Department of Economic
Development (DED). A trade license enables your business to take part in commercial activities,
and you shall be safeguarded legally. The PRO services we offer can help you get a
trade license for your business quickly and seamlessly!

Does your company need corporate PRO services in Dubai?


Corporate PRO services acts as a catalyst and speeds up the process of setting up your
business. Not only will our PRO services help you in the initial stages, But also during your


A lot of companies in Dubai fall into the pit of paying fines for the silliest of reasons. Mostly
because their paperwork is not turned in on time, and their documentations are, at times,
inaccurate. Our PRO services are here to save you from paying hefty late fees, fines
and other mishaps that naturally occur within businesses. We strive to help you save at least
80% of your unnecessary administrative expenses with our PRO services.


Growing your business in a dynamic market like Dubai in itself is very competitive. As a
business owner, You can’t afford to divert your time and attention between paperwork and
actually putting in the work to grow your business. Our PRO services gives you time to focus on
your business rather than getting swamped with paperwork.

Financial transparency

We believe in keeping you away from the paperwork, But also keeping you involved and
informed about the financials. This means you get exclusive access to all the receipts, charges,
and every other dime we spend on your behalf to fulfill the legal requirements of your business.
We also make sure to have absolutely no discrepancies in our financial dealings.

Why choose our Corporate PRO services for your company?

1. 24*7 service
2. Lowest price in the market
3. Instant initiation of paperwork
4. Highly qualified support staff
5. Customized solutions
6. Timely service
7. Guaranteed compliance

Types of Corporate PRO services

We make every task convenient for you! Our corporate PRO services in Dubai include
trademark and copyright assistance, corporate banking processes, processing of documents
from departments like Dubai municipality, chamber of commerce, and Department of Economic
Development (DED).

PRO Service for company setup

Setting up a company involves a number of steps like getting approval from the immigration and
labor ministries, licensing, opening a corporate bank account, and many other formalities. Our
PRO services helps you in a successful set up of your business in Dubai by
completing all the procedures.

Pro services for Document Attestation

pro services dubai

We handle critical documents and paperwork for your business in a timely manner. Whenever
you need any of your documents to be attested, We get it done for you seamlessly.

Pro services for Visa Processing, Labour card, and immigration

We understand the hassle you are bound to go through when it comes to the visa processing,
issuance of labor cards and immigration of your employees. But by utilizing our corporate PRO
services, You can get it all done with utmost convenience in the most cost effective manner.

Pro services for License and renewal

Attaining the necessary licenses, and their timely renewal is mandatory for all businesses. But
any business owner that diverts their time between paperwork and growing their business is
eventually going to spiral into a pit of late fees, unmet deadlines, failure in business operations
and what not! But when our experts take charge of your company’s licensing, renewal and other
legal requirements, You can solely focus on your business without worrying about when the
next renewal is due, or what kind of paperworks do you need to submit to DED.

Best PRO Services in Dubai

We have a line of industry experts, well equipped with years of expertise to help your company
with professional PRO services. Once you join hands with us, Be rest assured that we
will guide you through all the procedures involved with your company formation and its
seamless functioning.
We save you from penalties, late-fines and other common pitfalls a business owner might run
Here are some of the major corporate PRO services that we do for our clients in Dubai:

1. Employee visas processing
2. Employment labour cards
3. Family residency visas and renewals
4. Visa cancellations
5. Renewal/modifications of trade license
6. Immigration card
7. NOC’s from government


We are firm believers in communication. We implore you to connect with us over a call to know
more about how our streamlined corporate PRO services can help your company grow and
thrive in Dubai’s dynamic market!


What are Corporate PRO services?

PRO services help businesses navigate through the complexities of legal procedures, documentation, and compliance with government regulations in Dubai. This includes services such as company and branch formation, visa processing, labor and immigration cards, license renewals, document attestation, and more.

Why is a trade license necessary, and how can Corporate PRO services assist?

A trade license, issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED), legally enables your business to engage in commercial activities in Dubai. Our Corporate PRO services can expedite the process of obtaining or renewing a trade license, ensuring legal compliance and operational continuity.

How can Corporate PRO services save costs for my business?

Our services help avoid penalties and fines that can occur due to delayed or incorrect paperwork and document filings. We aim to save businesses at least 80% of administrative expenses typically associated with government processes.

What types of visas can Corporate PRO services help with?

We assist with various visa-related services including employee visas, family residency visas, visa cancellations, and renewals. Our team ensures all processes are handled efficiently, from application to approval.

What are the benefits of using Corporate PRO services in Dubai?

Key benefits include:
24/7 availability of services
Competitive pricing
Quick initiation and processing of paperwork
Access to qualified support staff
Customized solutions tailored to your business needs
Assurance of timely service and guaranteed compliance

What types of companies can benefit from Corporate PRO services?

Any business, from startups to established corporations, looking to streamline their setup and operational procedures in Dubai can benefit. Our services are especially useful for foreign investors unfamiliar with the local regulations and processes.

How do Corporate PRO services ensure financial transparency?

We provide clients with access to detailed receipts and a clear record of all charges incurred on their behalf. This ensures that there are no hidden costs or discrepancies in financial dealings.

What document services are provided by Corporate PRO services?

We handle critical tasks such as document attestation and notarization, important for legal validation and compliance. We also manage mail collection and passport clearance among other document-related services.

How do Corporate PRO services handle licensing and renewals?

We manage the application, approval, and renewal processes for trade licenses, ensuring compliance with DED requirements. This includes handling regulatory approvals and NOC letters, making the process hassle-free for business owners.

How can I get started with Corporate PRO services for my business in Dubai?

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your business needs and how our PRO services can assist. Our team will provide a detailed overview and guide you through the process to ensure your business is set up for success in Dubai’s dynamic market.

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